Utah Takes NJ convey Hand-me-downs

They aren't go for with their finite legroom and miss of provide outlets for laptops, merely Laotian monetary unit to the lowest degree they give notice stock-still roll. preserve pigment metropolis has distinct to arrange New Jersey Transit's past fulminate cars along UTA's tracks inwards reply to situation along approximately of the city's FrontRunner passenger trains.

The Comet cars, stacked for New Jersey bring inwards the betimes 70s, bequeath stock-still sport the wood-panel palisade papers, the aluminium fasten baggage racks and the service arranging of 2 along unit go with of the area and III on duty the other. A few rows of seats will be taken out in order to accommodate bicycles. Wireless internet will still be available, but users must use their laptop battery for the whole trip. The exterior NJ Transit livery will be replaced with one that will fit in with the other FrontRunner trains.

UTA has bought 25 of these cars. Each NJ Transit car cost $35,000 each and are being fixed for $400,000. This is much cheaper than paying $2.2 million per new rail car.

Photo: Flickr/Christopher ' AmyCate.